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Active Devils Classes

Active Devils is a program designed to increase self-confidence and self-esteem and enable children to make the best of the opportunities available to them.
Active Devils provides a dynamic learning environment to help your child gain valuable learning, listening and life skills.

It provides mental and physical development benefits that will assist your child at school and at home in a fun and safe learning environment.
Your child will learn methods for dealing with situations in life that involve aggressive and confrontinghugh back situations.

They will learn to identify high-risk environments and the ability to assess situations to avoid aggressive and dangerous people and places. They will gain Skills for life that will remain with them as a positive part of their development towards becoming a vibrant and capable adult.
Our high-energy classes are designed to keep kids fit, healthy and engaged with us to achieve strong mental and physical skills to take them into society with a strong and healthy lifestyle.

Active Devils classes include activities that kids love the most. Kicking, punching and jumping. High-energy drills that keep them actively engaged and motivated throughout our sessions.

Eagling's Taekwondo promote strong family and social values. Our students learn the values of respect, humility, loyalty, honesty and self-control with all our programs. We strive to make our students better people, the best possible person they can be in life.

Active Devils runs in line with school terms at our Moonah Centre on Wednesday afternoons from 4.00pm to 4.45pm.
There are no membership fees attached to the Active Devils program.


To book your child into the Active Devils program call Hugh or Angela Eagling on 0417 389 959.
Classes for term two will commence on Wednesday 27th April.

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Para Taekwondo Class

Para Taekwondo is a term used for Taekwondo for individuals with various disabilities, or as we prefer to State "Special Abilities". Para Taekwondo has now been included in the Paralympics, however it is much more than a competitive sport.

Para 3Para Taekwondo is a martial art that enables the participant to evolve physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Another aspect of Para Taekwondo is the instruction of adapted self defence skills which will develop self-confidence and "martial arts knowledge" in the Para Taekwondo student.

In reality Para Taekwondo is no different than Taekwondo. It offers the same benefits to everyone regardless of their physical and/or intellectual abilities. In fact, Para Taekwondo us even more valued to individuals with special needs as it offers a "therapeutic" component that can create physiological changes in its practitioners.

As a sport, it can be practiced by all. Individuals with physical, sensory and intellectual/development disabilities can enjoy competitive sparring and poomase depending on their type of disability.











There are countless benefits of Taekwondo training for individuals with special needs.

  • Improved motor skills (gross & fine), dexterity & coordination
  • Improved focus, attention-span and concentration
  • Improved interpersonal and social skills
  • Self motivation and happiness
  • Increase in self confidence, self esteem & self worth
  • Increase in emotional and physical self control
  • Positive outlook about life and the 'self '
  • Fitness and health
  • Self defence skills
  • develop a sports for life approach


Blackbelt Training

These sessions are all about honing skills leading up to a Black Belt examination. These sessions run all year and are open to ranks 3 Red and higher. We focus on Poomsae, step exercise, advanced kicking techniques and advanced self defence from our Hapkido program.
Achieving a black belt is hard work and takes commitment and dedication. These sessions are all about advanced preparation to help our students achieve their goals