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Korea Trip 2016 - 26/2/16 to 8/3/16

by Hannah Clear

In February Eagling's Taekwondo took a 10 person team to Korea to compete at the 70th Jidokwan International Open. The competition was held at the Taekwondowon at Muju in Korea. We had a great trip staying for 10 days. As well as our competition we trained at the Kukkiwon and did some Hapkido Training with Grand Master Rah. Thanks to our Grand Master Sung Soo Lee for organising the trip for us. It was a great experience for all that went.

We arrived in Seoul for the first day of our trip, found our hotel got ourselves unpacked and then went out to explore the culture of South Korea, the food was very different and for lunch the first day we all decided to embrace the food that we would spend the next 2 weeks eating. It was hard to find something we liked; we started off with some simple street food basic seafood and also found our 32cm ice creams in a cone. It safe to say we were enjoying the food so far.
On day 2 we left Seoul and took a 3 hour bus trip to Muju. Muju is the home of the Taekwondowon; it is the world premier centre for Taekwondo training. It holds a full taekwondo park with accommodation, training centres, gym, training rooms, museum, store and competition centre. If it has anything to do with taekwondo it has been built into this park. The park consisted of 3 levels to which you shuttled bussed around to or took a long hike! Level 1 was the museum and souvenir shop, competition and full training centre. Level 2 held the accommodation (every accommodation block was named after a black belt pattern which was very cool), information centre, training rooms, gym, and coffee shop (all your necessities!), and last, level 3 was a lookout high upon the hill giving you the view of the whole park and the rest of Muju. We were very fortunate to go up to the lookout on a day when it snowed. We were also very honoured to be able to train in the training facilities in which they had numerous activities such as hand eye co-ordination activities, speed and power activities, shadow sparring and a mission impossible laser activity, all to help with different aspects of taekwondo.
Day 5 was our final day in Muju and it was also competition day, it was still very nerve-racking competing internationally as it was the first time competing on such a large scale for all 10 of us. We didn't’t get the opportunity to compete against Korea but we did compete against USA, New Caledonia and China. The results for the competition are as follows:

  • Hannah: gold- team poomsae (with Cameron and Angela) Silver- pairs poomsae (with Cameron) Bronze- individual poomsae
  • Angela: Gold- team poomsae (with Cameron and Hannah) Silver - individual poomsae
  • Cameron: gold- team poomsae (with Hannah and Angela) Silver- pairs poomsae (with Hannah) Silver -individual poomsae Bronze- high kick
  • Daniel: Silver - individual poomsae
  • Ethan: Gold - High kick Gold- pairs poomsae (with Isabel) Bronze- individual poomsae
  • Isabel: Gold - pairs poomsae (with Ethan) Gold - individual poomsae
  • Tony: Gold- knife hand power break Bronze- individual poomsae

In the days following we immersed ourselves more and more into learning about the culture of Korea, by doing a bit of shopping through the local markets, going to the top of Seoul Tower, and locking a lock on the fence, as well as watching a street martial arts demonstration. We also got to take a trip to the DMZ (zone between North and South Korea) learning about the history between the 2 countries, and also getting to walk down into 1 on the underground tunnels that were dug to get from North Korea to South Korea.
The secret garden was another place we got to visit, along with Gyeongbokgung Palace (or Gyeongbok Palace) making up 2 of the 4-5 palaces that we were able to experience, all with an interesting history and culture behind them.
Lastly throughout trip we had the honour of training at the Kukkiwon. The Kukkiwon is the main home of taekwondo, and we had the honour of being trained by Grand Master Lee, Grand Master Lee took us through lots of technical pointers and also broke down and perfected our Poomsae forms for us. A few of us also were able to go look through the museum at the Kukkiwon, which held many year of history about the progression of taekwondo over the years. On the last few nights we were honoured to be able to train under another Korean Grand Master, Master RAH. Master RAH shared his Hapkido wisdom with us, teaching us basic strikes, kicks and joint locking manoeuvres for Hapkido.
All in all it was a very special trip and opportunity. And a complete honour to be able to train under some of the highest ranked Taekwondo Korean Grand Masters. And learn the culture of Korea and the origin of Taekwondo.

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Hugh Eagling - 8th Dan Kukkiwon Promotion

Mercury (Hobart 22/09/15)


IF there were any doubts about the Eagling family's status as a premier family of Australian taekwondo then recent honours bestowed on the late Dale Eagling and  his son Hugh should dispel them.
Dale, who died at age 51 in 1994 from   brain cancer, was the founder of Taekwondo in Tasmania and is internationally recognised as a  pioneer of  the martial art in Australia.
Hugh, 48, has just passed his 8th Dan black   belt, becoming of few Australians to receive the high grading.
"I was the first in Tasmania to do it. I did my exam in March in Korea, you have to do it there and it went before the high examination board in June and I got passed  a couple of months later. It's quite a lengthy   process," he said.
There are probably 10 other people in the whole country who have it."
To achieve an 8th  Dan grading, Hugh who  is the Head Instructor at Eagling's Taekwondo had to complete a physical exam, a thesis on the benefits of taekwondo,  demonstrate that he learnt the   martial art over his career and had positively benefited the discipline where he teaches and undertakes an  interview  with the President of the Kukkiwon. The achievements for the family don't stop there. Hugh will travel to Croatia with his family to accept his father's posthumous induction into the   International Hall of Fame for Taekwondo  on his behalf, the first such  instance in  the  hall  of fame.
"It's been a big year for us," Eagling said.
He could now go for his 9th Dan Black Belt, the highest rank in Taekwondo
 but to  do  that he  would have to wait for nine years. "I don't know if I'm going to do that," he said. "I just love taekwondo. It gives you a lot of pleasure."
















Dale Eagling - Post humous induction into the International Taekwondo Hall of Fame - 2015

Dale loved Taekwondo.
He lived his life truly believing in Taekwondo's  unique ability to change people's lives, to make a better person,...... a stronger person...... and a person succinctly aligned to the values of the art of Taekwondo instills into its practitioners. He was truly passionate and loved every aspect of the Art. His passion was infectious with other Instructors he came into contact with throughout Australia. His work towards the political  harmonization of the Art in Australia paved the way for the successful unification of the two major organisations in Australia in 1996, several years after he passed away.

He pioneered Taekwondo in Tasmania growing into a modern day art and sport. During his time he trained well over 30,000 Tasmanians and helped many students better their lives and succeed in their personal goals.

His legacy lives on through his club's today and we take great pride in ensuring the lessons and values he taught are passed on to everyone that comes to train and learn with us.

Dale was inducted into the International Taekwondo Hall of Fame for his achievements as a Taekwondo pioneer. His family are truly touched and honoured by his induction into the Hall of Fame and the recognition of his life's work in the development of the art.


















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