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Taekwondo is an effective and efficient martial art which is the national sport of Korea. Today Taekwondo has progressed to not only become a recognised Olympic event, but also an effective self defence system and is both an exciting martial art and a dynamic sport. Taekwondo is an excellent method for maintaining health and fitness and builds tremendous confidence in it's practitioners. Taekwondo is for all ages, men, women and children and is well suited for families to participate in together.

Taekwondo Builds Fitness

Exercises of taekwondo, besides producing tranquility and peace of mind, also relax the joints, tone the muscles, strengthen the internal organs and develop agility, strength and stamina. It proves an unequalled method of self defence for your own personal security. Family fitness is most important. It helps you to keep healthy, vital and happy. The practice of taekwondo as a family works very well. People of all ages practice and enjoy the art.

History of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is the Korean national sport. It is a sport the ancestors of the Korean people initiated before any other people in the world. These ancestors came from the heart of the Asian continent to occupy the Korean peninsula which was divided into three kingdoms. The kingdoms of Silla, Kokooryo and Pakjae. Kokooryo was founded in 37 BC in south-eastern Manchuria and what is now the most northern part of Korea. The Kingdom was destroyed in a war with Silla in AD 688. In the ruins of Kokooryo tombs there is clear evidence that Taekwondo was practiced in the kingdom. On the ceilings and walls, mural paintings depict two men facing each other in what can only be taekwondo practice. Scientific research has established that the murals were painted before the start of the sixth century. This can be taken that Taekwondo was practiced by the Korean people before Bodhidarma arrived in China . According to popular legend Bodhidarma introduced the art of self defence to china by teaching monks at the Shaolin temple while teaching from the tenets of Buddhism. While Occidental historians ponder about the reality of Bodhidarma and theorise on the origin of hand and foot fighting, Korean historians are satisfied that taekwondo is the modern form derived from those ancient origins. Taekwondo is now the fastest growing martial art in the world and by far the most popular. In fact it has proven so popular that in the space of thirty years it has gone from relative obscurity to becoming a full time Olympic sport, something that would normally take in the order of twice that time span.

History of Dale Eagling's Taekwondo

Dale Eagling's Taekwondo was introduced to Tasmania in 1971 by the late Dale Eagling. Mr. Eagling spent his life developing the art in the state and at the time of his death had taught some 30,000 Tasmanians and had clubs all over Australia. He developed a tradition of excellence in the art and a pride in instruction that is reflected within our clubs today. Dale saw the benefits of Taekwondo instruction being beneficial to the physical and mental development of its practitioners. Taekwondo practice has a unique ability to bring out the best in its practitioners. To develop the positive aspects of life and bring out the best in a person. Dale saw the benefits Taekwondo had in building a better person as the most positive aspect of devotion to Taekwondo practice and he spent this time in his life helping his students through the conundrum of life. Dale passed away in 1995 after a short battle with cancer and is sadly missed by those that trained with him throughout his career.

In 1996 Dale's son Hugh assumed the senior Instructors role within the Clubs. Hugh, now a 7th Dan Master Instructor, continues to foster the benefits of Taekwondo instruction in our clubs. Dale's philosophy continues in our clubs today and we remain focussed on his vision of Taekwondo and how it influences and benefits its students.

This year we enter 40 years of Taekwondo instruction in our clubs, an achievement we are extremely proud of. We have enjoyed and continue to enjoy our journey in Taekwondo. Dale Eagling's Taekwondo is a Member of:


Australian Taekwondo Ltd.

Taekwondo Australia - Tasmania

The Australian Taekwondo Council

The World Taekwondo Federation


Taekwondo Jidokwan

Grand Master Instructor - Hugh Eagling WTF 8th Dan Black Belt (Kukiwon and Jidokwan), 6th Dan Hapkido (KHF)

Grand Master Instructor - Sung Soo Lee WTF 9th Dan Black Belt, 9th Dan Hapkido (KHF)

All Instructors are properly qualified and experienced in the complete, professional instruction of Taekwondo.


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Member Protection Policy

Eagling's Taekwondo takes pride in offering a friendly and safe environment to experience Taekwondo. Our member protection policy provides the framework for a training environment that is fair and equitable, Eaglings Taekwondo has three qualified member protection officers that are there to ensure every member has the opportunity have any concerns addressed.

Eagling's Taekwondo was awarded "child safe" accreditation 2010 by the Childwise organisation, the first organisation in Australia to be accredited.

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Member Protection Policy


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