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What is Hapkido? hap emb


In Korean Hap means to coordinate or combine. Ki means technique and can be interpreted as inner strength or power. Do means the way. Therefore Hapkido can be loosely translated as the way (art) of coordinated power and technique.

Historically, this was an art confined to the nobility and upper class society. Today, it is practised by students of all backgrounds, ages and physiques. Hapkido is a very realistic style of self-defence. It is a counter attack technique of self-defence based on understanding the biological kinetics of the Human Body. It is our intention to educate the student in a well-rounded curriculum that covers many aspects of Self Defence. It is also our belief that the techniques practiced should be utilised in real life scenarios. Until you train in these different scenarios you won't totally comprehend how these differences will affect you.

Hapkido can be applied from any position: standing, sitting, or lying down, and from any direction. Hapkido makes use of over 700 pressure points found within the human body, allowing the practitioner successfully to defend him or herself against attackers of any size without any reliance on brute force. Hapkido employs the philosophy of using minimal force to overcome a stronger opponent. Therefore, great strength is not required to apply the techniques effectively.

Through the use of pressure on certain joints hap logo and pressure points, very little strength is required to overcome an opponent. Thus, Hapkido's seemingly gentle manner can inflict serious damage to an attacker. This type of martial art is suitable for anyone, especially women. Hapkido includes hand strikes, twisting and throwing techniques as well as a powerful arsenal of kicking techniques. The main emphasis is on training that covers all ranges of attack and defence situations. In my opinion, I believe Hapkido, as a whole is the most complete and practical form of martial art.

The training involves many aspects of martial arts. Beginners learn to fall, defend, escape and attack. Hapkido is taught in a systematic and logical manner that leads the student through the system in a positive goal orientated fashion. Knowledge and techniques are taught in a building block format where each belt level is correlated to the next level of understanding. The Hapkido student is also trained in several weapons, including the sword, the cane, the staff, the short stick and rope or belt.


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