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2016 - 70th Jidokwan International Taekwondo Festival, Muju, Korea

Results from the competition:
Hannah Clear:
Gold- team poomase (with Cameron and Angela)
Silver- pairs poomase (with Cameron)
Bronze- individual poomase
Angela Eagling:
Gold- team poomase (with Cameron and Hannah)
Silver - individual poomase
Cameron Burnett:
Gold- team poomase (with Hannah and Angela)
Silver- pairs poomase (with Hannah)
Silver -individual poomase
Bronze- high kick
Daniel Ashlin:
Silver - individual poosmae
Ethan Macgregor:
Gold - High kick
Gold- pairs poomase (with Isabel)
Bronze- individual poomase
Isabel O'Dowd:
Gold - pairs poomase (with Ethan)
Gold - individual poomase
Tony Wise:
Gold- knife hand power break
Bronze- individual poomase

2015 Club Awards

Congratulations to the following players who won club awards for the year in 2015

Dale Eagling Memorial Scholarship

Daniel Ashlin



Kingston Club



Daniel Ashlin

Junior Fiona Wise

Little Devil

Joshua Delphin


Moonah Club



John Roberts


Noah Whitney

Little Devil

Jett Ford



Sandy Bay



Alison Taylor


Ava Parsons



Dale Eagling Memorial Championships 2015

The Annual Dale Eagling Memorial Championships was held on Sunday the 9th of November.

The Memorial Championship is our favorite event for the year and has again been well contested amongst club members. Compeition this year was a very high standard and gave players the chance to display the skills they have achieved throughout the year. The competition is an event for all members to have a friendly competition with no pressure, an event to enjoy and sample the true benefits of Taekwondo without the pressure of a full competition. The club championships focuses on traditional Taekwondo style events and does not include sparring. Events include: Poomsae, Creavtive Poomsae. Jumping high kick, multi station kicking events, artisic expression and breaking.

This year the Spirit of Taekwondo award was one by Julia Shore. This award is presented to the player who demonstrates the best spirit on the day for their performance, eitquette and personal conduct.

Little Devils Kihap Competition
1 Mark Healy
2 Noah Hamilton
3 Rhys Lockwood

Little Devils Punching Competition
1 Alex Healy
2 Jackson Chick
3 Tess Stansfield

Self Defence
1 Fiona Wise and Halle Bachmayer
2 Axel Allanby and Jack Gilligan
3 Joshua Delphin and Reid Tracey

SENIOR - Individual Traditional
1 Hannah Clear
2 Cameron Burnett
3 Conor Best

SENIOR - Individual Creative
1 Nicholas Manser

JUNIOR - Individual Traditional
1 Noah Whitney
2 Joshua Delphin
3 Reid Tracey

JUNIOR - Individual Creative
1 Axel Allanby
2 Maggie Wilby

Jnr Team Creative
1 Fiona Wise, Halle Bachmayer, Olivia Wise and Tess Chadderton
2 Hamish Chilcott and Matthew Laugher

SENIOR - Team Traditional
1 Cameron Burnett and Hannah Clear

JUNIOR - Team Traditional
1 Luke and Mia Healy

Artistic Interpretation

Junior 6 and under Artistic Interpretation
1 Noah Hamilton
2 Tess Stansfield
3 Dante Gornik-Clark

Junior 8 - 10 Artistic Interpretation
1 Axel Allanby
2 Matthew Laugher
3 Jack Gilligan

Junior 11 - 14 Artistic interpretation
1 Naomi Wakefield
2 Halle Bachmayer

High Kick
Junior 7 Years & Under
1 Jett Ford
2 Jessica Parker
3 Jackson Chick

Junior 8-10 years
1 Jack Gilligan
2 Noah Whitney
3 Axel Allanby

Junior 11-14 years
1 Rhys Burr
2 Conor Best
3 Jayden Bachmayer

Senior 15+ years
1 Brandon Servant
2 Cameron Burnett
3 Ali Almteri

Junior Multi Station Breaking

Matrix Kicking 6 and Under
1 Tess Stansfield
2 Stephanie Harrison
3 Noah Hamilton

Junior U8 years - Yellow Boards
1 Joshua Delphin
2 Natalie Laugher
3 Rhys Lockwood

Junior 8-10 years - Yellow/Blue Boards
1 Noah Whitney
2 Olivia Wise
3 Hamish Chilcott

Junior 11-14 years - Yellow/Blue/Red Boards
1 Fiona Wise
2 Rhys Burr
3 Halle Bachmayer

Senior 15+ Blue/Red Boards
1 Cameron Burnett
2 Alexander Cherry
3 Julia Shore

Senior Power Break - Knife Hand
1 Grant Chillcot
2 Alexander Cherry

Senior Power Break - Punch
1 Daniel Ashlin
2 John Redgrove

The Annual Dale Eagling Memorial Championships is held annually during November it is a closed event for club members and has been bourne with the desire to encourage all members to have a go, whether you win or lose its really not important, its getting out there to enjoy the art and the sport at its purest level. There is deliberately no sparring at our club event, we concentrate on the more artistic and technical aspects of the art. There are a variety of different medals that are presented, Some of the event's will include, Junior Freestyle Poomsae, Team Poomsae, Multi-station Breaks, Junior Matrix Kicking and Senior Power Breaking.


Dale Eagling Memorial Championships Award History and Records



Spirit of Taekwondo 2005 - Ty Dobie
2006 - Sam Eagling
2007 - April Kenneally
2008 -  Bonnie Aitchison
2009 - Cameron Burnett
2010 - Dian Ditchfield
2011 - Sharon Lakoseljac
2012 - Klya Roberts
2013 - Tam Shea
2014 - Thomas Bartonek
2015 - Julia Shore
2016 - ?


High Kick Record



2011 Milad Sahriee   2.410m

Junior 11 – 16

2010 Seth Cure'  2.650m

Junior 8 - 10

2006 Sam Eagling   1.850m



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