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Established 1971

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skillsDale Eaglings Taekwondo was founded by the Late Dale Eagling in 1971 and is the oldest Taekwondo Club in Tasmania and indeed one of the oldest in Australia. Master Dale Eagling pioneered Taekwondo in Tasmania in 1971 and our clubs have enjoyed strong suppport in the state since that time. In 2011 Eaglings Taekwondo turned 40 years old, a record we are extremely proud of. During that time we have taught over 30,000 Tasmanians the art of Taekwondo.

Our web site should answer all questions you have about our club. We encourage you to try out Taekwondo as a benefit both physically and mentally.

Taekwondo is the ideal sport for the whole family. Taekwondo promotes fitness and reinforces positive social attitudes and values amongst its members. You don't need to be fit to start amd you can start from 4 years old. Eaglings Taekwondo provides a safe and professional environment for you and your family to train. Eaglings Taekwondo is an accredited "child safe" organisation. Contact us today for a program that can be tailored to your personal or family needs. For More information click here

For more information about our club please give us a call on the numbers below.

Phone: 1300 133 093 or 03 6275 2747 | Fax: 03 6275 2617 | Email: | childwise



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Active Devils After School Program

Active Devils is a program designed to increase self-confidence and self-esteem and enable children to make the best of the opportunities available to them.
Active Devils provides a dynamic learning environment to help your child gain valuable learning, listening and life skills.

It provides mental and physical development benefits that will assist your child at school and at home in a fun and safe learning environment.
Your child will learn methods for dealing with situations in life that involve aggressive and confrohugh backnting situations.

Our high-energy classes are designed to keep kids fit, healthy and engaged with us to achieve strong mental and physical skills to take them into society with a strong and healthy lifestyle.

Active Devils classes include activities that kids love the most. Kicking, punching and jumping. High-energy drills that keep them actively engaged and motivated throughout our sessions.

Each program provides skills drawn from martial arts into a program that is fun and fast moving, geared to produce sound physical and mental skills. It is the ideal program to introduce your child to martial arts and provide a stepping-stone to progress into one of our full Taekwondo programs.

For more details, times and prices click here


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Fitness Classes

Come and try our fitness classes. All fitness levels welcome. Our fitness Instructor Hannah focusses on high energy core strength training for all ages and fitness levels.

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Korea Trip 2016

In February Eagling's Taekwondo took a 10 person team to Korea to compete at the 70th Jidokwan International Open. The competition was held at the Taekwondowon at Muju in Korea. We had a great trip staying for 10 days. As well as our competition we trained at the Kukkiwon and did some Hapkjido Training with Grand Master Rah. Thanks to our Grand Master Sung Soo Lee for organising the trip for us. It was a great experience for all that went. Click here for a full trip report and photo gallery by Hannah Clear. here











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Recent News

Dale Eagling - Post humous induction into the International Taekwondo Hall of Fame - 2015

Dale was inducted into the International Taekwondo Hall of Fame for his achievements as a Taekwondo pioneer. His family are truly touched and honoured by his induction into the Hall of Fame and the recognition of his life's work in the development of the art. click here for full story


Hugh Eagling - 8th Dan Kukkiwon Promotion


IF there were any doubts about the Eagling family's status as a premier family of Australian taekwondo then recent honours bestowed on the late Dale Eagling and  his son Hugh should dispel them.
Dale, who died at age 51 in 1994 from   brain cancer, was the founder of Taekwondo in Tasmania and is internationally recognised as a  pioneer of  the martial art in Australia.
Hugh, 48, has just passed his 8th Dan black   belt, becoming of few Australians to receive the high grading. click here for full story











2015 Club Awards

Congratulations to the following players who won club awards in 2015. More

2015 - Dale Eagling Memorial Championships

The Annual Dale Eagling Memorial Championships was held on Sunday the 15th of November. The Memorial Championship is our favorite event for the year and has again been a favorite amonst club members. Compeition this year was a very high standard and gave players the chance to display the skills they have achieved throughout the year. The competition is an event for all members to have a friendly competition with no pressure, an event to enjoy and sample the true benefits of Taekwondo without the pressure of a full competition. The club championships focuses on traditional Taekwondo style events and does not include sparring. Events include: Poomsae, Creavtive Poomsae. Jumping high kick, multi station kicking events, artisic expression and breaking. . Results...



In 2010 Dale Eagling’s Taekwondo received and was presented with an  Approval Certificate from Child Wise as being a “Child Safe Organisation”.  This has been a major task for the club over the last 5 years in reviewing their Member Protection Policy and, in consultation with Child Wise, have now had their Policy Approved. 

Our club is the first organisation in Australia (private or public sector) to receive such a certificate.  The benefits to the club are immeasurable, as it promotes a better understanding within the community and above all provides SAFE places for children to learn the art of Taekwondo.   For more details please contact Child Wise on or speak with Hugh or Angela Eagling about the club's experience.

DETKD is a Child Safe organisation and is committed to the protection of children and young people.  We have a Member Protection Policy in place to ensure a friendly and safe environment in which to experience Taekwondo.

 We provide the framework for a Taekwondo training environment that is fair, supportive and equitable.   A copy of our full Member Protection Policy can be viewed and downloaded from this website. Click here.